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Here Are 15 Ways You Can Hack Normal Jell-O Into Something Absolutely Epic

As kids, we looked forward to lunchtime when we could trade lesser foods for a chance at the coveted Jell-O cup. And when mom made a batch after school, you were definitely the coolest kid on the block. As grown-ups, don’t lose that loving feeling just because it’s “for kids.” Instead, check out these 15 recipes and ideas for unique Jell-O molds and mixes that are perfect for the young and old.

1. Spiced Coconut-Cherry Mold

The flavor in this dish comes from the fruit, not the gelatin.

2. Cherry Coke Jell-O

This recipe also has other suggestions for soda flavored Jell-O.

3. Colorful Christmas Jell-O

Even though this recipe is specifically for Christmas, you can definitely enjoy it all year-round.

4. Fish Bowl Jell-O

This is a fun option for a kid’s party or summer barbecue.

5. Rainbow Layer Jell-O

This recipe is fruity and creamy, thanks to layers of sour cream.

6. Fluffy Jell-O Pudding Cups

Add evaporated milk to jello mix to make this soft pink treat.

7. Very Berry Gelatin

Not only is this dish tasty, but it looks gorgeous, too.

8. Glow-In-The-Dark Jell-O

This recipe glows under a black light and would make a great treat for a party – kid or adult.

9. Jell-O Roll-Ups

This dish is sure to please in taste and design.

10. Root Beer Float Jell-O

A little bit of gelatin turns ice cream and root beer into a tasty and visually appealing treat.

11. Jell-O Shaved Ice

This is a classic snow-cone with an interesting Jell-O texture. It’s perfect for a hot day in the summer.

12. Jell-O “Worms and Dirt”

Perfect for a Halloween party, use straws as a mold to make this funny and frightening dessert.

13. Lemon Gelatin Cupcakes

Top these off with lavender icing.

14. Orange Creamsicle Jell-O Bites

These take just five minutes to whip up.

15. Strawberry Jell-O Parfait

For a healthy option, make this with light whipped cream and sugar-free Jell-O.

The lemon cupcakes with lavender icing look delicious, I’m definitely trying those first. Which will you whip up?