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What 18 REAL Doctors Discovered Inside Of Their Patients Will Leave You Speechless

It really isn’t a shock that people are always finding new and creative ways to injure themselves. What is shocking is actually seeing the X-ray photos of these injuries.

Through the miracle of X-ray technology, medical professionals can now see the bodily trauma their patients have undergone. This allows them to better comprehend how serious the injury is as well as make better treatment decisions. The X-rays also serve as a reminder of what close calls some of these injuries really were. It really makes you wonder…what were these people thinking?!

1. This woman’s stomach contained a grand total of 78 pieces of cutlery.

2. Apparently, aerosol cans are pretty common foreign bodies found in people’s rectums.

3. This guy swallowed a cockroach. Then he swallowed a fork while trying to get the cockroach out. What a rough day.

4. If you happen to have a pair of scissors in or around your mouth, please don’t swallow them.

5. This guy had a deodorant bottle jammed inside his body. Doesn’t it say on the label, “for external use only”?

6. That’s one way to smuggle a cell phone into a big exam.

7. This terrorist further demonstrated his stupidity by swallowing a grenade without having anyway to detonate it.

8. A young girl thought that some metal objects were candies. You’d think she would’ve stopped after the first one. Luckily, she was okay.

9. This girl proved that love does strange things to people when she swallowed a bunch of cobblestones after getting angry at her boyfriend.

10. Despite what you may think, an instant coffee jar will not help your digestive tract.

11. This guy was stabbed in the head when he and some friends tried to stop a bus robbery. He later recovered from his injury.

12. This lightbulb was found inside a prisoner in Pakistan. He had no idea how it got there.

13. This man denied that he had put a bottle up his rectum and tried to remove it with a wire. The doctors had to show him the X-ray to get him to admit it.

14. This is what happens when surgeons don’t double check they have the same amount of tools they started with after a surgery.

15. An arrow was lodged in the head of a young boy in China. He survived, but this X-ray is a reminder of what a close call it was.

16. Believe it or not, this guy didn’t know he had a nail in his head…until he saw the X-ray.

17. Oh man, a pint glass has really gotta hurt.

18. A man planned to propose to his girlfriend by putting the engagement ring in her milkshake. Everything was going well, until….

(via List25, Imgur, Gizmodo)

I don’t know about you, but these really make my stomach turn. Lesson learned: only put food and drinks in my body.