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This Is What People In The 1800s Thought The Future Would Actually Look Like

One thing that people like to do is try to predict the future, no matter how wild or uneducated their guesses are. Many hope to discover the next big thing before anyone else…just because.

Even back in the 1800s, people were obsessed with trying to guess what the future would be like. Unfortunately, back then, they had some wild ideas that ended up being way off.

1. …okay, given that the Roomba is a floor-cleaning robot, I guess this wasn’t too far off.

2. These actually exist, so kudos people from the past.

3. Flying squirrel police? That definitely didn’t happen.

4. Who ever would have thought that a trailer home would be a luxury?

5. Helicopters may exist, but they definitely don’t look like this.

6. Couldn’t be more wrong on this one (but I wish they weren’t).

7. Nope. Wrong on the tailor front.

8. This has to be child abuse, right?

9. Well, we do have breeding farms, but they aren’t as gleeful as this would make it seem.

10. Hmmm, I guess we do have robot bands at Chuck E. Cheese.

There’s no sense in guessing what the future will look like (you’ll probably be wrong, anyway). So, just sit back and enjoy the ride!