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You Won't Stop Smiling After Seeing These 29 Ridiculously Happy Corgis

There are many different dog breeds out there, each one with its own specific charm. You probably have your favorite, but there’s one breed that almost everyone seems to fall head over paws in love with – that’s the Corgi.

Why are Corgis so incredibly amazing? Is it their teeny, little legs? Maybe. Perhaps it’s because the royal family set them on the path to fame? Science hasn’t exactly explained what it is about Corgis that makes them so wonderful, but these 29 adorable pictures go a long way in proving that Corgis are the best.

1. Corgis are arguably the superheroes of the dog world.

2. What makes them superheroes, you ask?

Well, this.

3. …And this.

4. Even with their tiny, little legs, they can climb mountains with the best of ’em.

5. They can make almost anyone happier with one simple smooch.

6. They even know how to take care of their health.

7. …But they also have cheat days every once in a while.

8. Go, go, go!

9. Corgi. In. A. Swing!

10. Too many cuties in one photo.

11. Who said you could melt my heart with that look?

12. You’re all ears and bow tie!

13. Corgis play-fighting is the cutest.

14. “Where to, sir?”

15. I think a little bit of me just died.

This is too much to handle.

16. Okay, fine, I’ll give you a piece of my steak.

17. You majestic creature, you.

18. …Well…usually.

19. This Corgi made friends with a bunny…

20. …But this Corgi doubles as a bunny!

21. Yes, yes, a million times yes!

22. You’re smiling too, aren’t you?

23. “Who is the cutest of them all?”

24. Somehow they manage to look cute and fly at the same time.

25. Is it bedtime?

26. Sleep tight, sweet Corgi.

27. You are a fierce warrior!

28. “I’m ready for my close-up!”

29. Why is he so happy?

Because he’s a Corgi, and he’s awesome.

From their disproportionately large ears to their cheeky personalities, Corgis really do make the earth spin on its axis.