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With Just Three Items, This Guy Created A Unique Statement Piece For His Home

You don’t need huge furniture items to make a dramatic statement in a room. Often, all that’s required is a cool idea, some tools, and some handyman skills.

Take this shelf, for instance. The designer took a unique concept and made it a reality; all that was required was some patience, wood, glue, and biscuit joints. Not only is the shelf functional, it also creates a cool rustic, yet modern statement. Find out how he did it below!

The design of the shelf uses this type of wood to its advantage. Vital biscuit joints sat in the gaps in the boards to hold everything together.

To start, the wood was laid out as it would be put together.

He then began assembling the various pieces of wood – the shelf was taking shape.

Here, different sections of the shelf are in vices, ensuring the glue dried and the components were sturdy.

Slowly but surely, each smaller section was combined to form larger portions of the shelf.

Here, the shelf is clearly taking shape.

After everything was in place, it was time to stain the shelf.

The finished product is pretty striking.

(source Imgur)

It certainly is a different take on your average bookshelf, but man does it look cool. I like how he uses it to highlight a few key statement pieces.