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These Awesome Candles Will Add Spice To Any Room In Your House

Candles make for a nice addition to any home. They add quite a bit of ambiance and can really change the mood of a room. They also tend to smell quite good. Yet most candles appear to be slightly boring in terms of aesthetics. They don’t really please the eye too well with their long stems and dull shapes. Fortunately for candle lovers, some people have taken it upon themselves to make the world of candles easier on the eyes.

1. As hot as the desert.

2. If you build it, they will come.

3. Plug it in, plug it in.

4. Who cut the cheese?


6. The never ending candle.

7. Mmm, looks delicious.

8. The idea candle.

9. A delicious summer treat.

10. Shadow art.

11. The brain melter.

12. Bat signal!

13. Spinal tap.

14. A candle with has matches in it. Efficiency.

15. Light some Lovecraft on fire.

16. Release your inner self.

17. Realistic eggs.

18. This boat is on fire.

19. Burning hand gestures.

20. Free yourself.

21. For wine-os everywhere.

22. The reusable candle.

If you’re in the market for candles, I suggest one of these to spice up your home. Not only will they add ambiance, they will get people talking about what a cool candle you have in your refreshed home.