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This Looks Like A Real Baby, But What It Can Do Is Just Ridiculous

According to its Kickstarter, The Cool Baby is an “expressive, customizable, hands-free beverage insulator that looks like a baby.” That’s right, as offensive as those beer guzzler helmets are, they have nothing on this bizarrely shaped liquid container, which allows you to discreetly drink from the tender head of a fake baby, dangling from a Bjorn, attached to your torso.

“Drinking in public is now adorable!” insists Cool Baby inventor, Simon Phillion.

This baby doesn’t exactly look real, but don’t just call it a “doll”…

It’s also a bottle and a straw! Just fill the container up with your favorite liquid, insert it into the baby, tightly screw in the baby’s head, and start slurping through the straw hidden in the baby’s little hat!

In the Kickstarter video, Simon shows us the best instances when one can use The Cool Baby. Here are some of his favorites:


Watching TV!

Tidying Up!

Costume Parties!

Baby Showers (Oh my…)!

The rewards for donating to his Kickstarter are just as delightfully bizarre as the product itself. For $30 you can get a single Cool Baby, but for a mere $8,000 you can get TEN Cool Babies, all personally designed by an artist to look like what an actual baby of yours would look like. Imagine all the jealous faces when you bring your entire brood to your friend’s baby shower!