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This Peaceful Log Cabin Isn't A Log Cabin At All…And The Truth Is Incredible

Generally, when you think of a log house in the woods, a cozy cabin comes to mind. A roaring fireplace; a soft comfy bed. But architect Nickisch Sano Walder decided to mix things up a bit with his own take on the log cabin.

A modernized version of an old classic, this cabin in Graubünden, Switzerland is made entirely of concrete. Its interior is mostly flat and angular, creating an uncanny environment. It doesn’t exactly look cozy, but one thing’s for sure, this isn’t your grandfather’s cabin.

(via Acid Cow)

It’s so cool how he took a cast of old logs from another cabin to create the appearance of the wood on the exterior! While it’s not traditional, sometimes things could use a little innovation. This would definitely be a fun vacation home. I would probably add some carpet though.