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This Techie Turned His Working Computer Into A Planter And It's Awesome

This isn’t just a planter made out of an old computer. This is a planter that is also a working computer. Mike Schropp, the techie and nerdy stuff blogger of Total Geekdom, needed a little greenery in his basement to balance out his tech projects. He decided to experiment with heat generated from a computer and it’s effect on wheatgrass growth. Using only a donated computer and acrylic plexiglass, he made this amazing combination of technology and nature for only $10. Check out the photos below for more info on how Schropp made his planter computer.

Schropp started with an outdated, donated computer.

He completely gutted it so he had plenty of room to work.

Schropp made the top cover of the computer out of acrylic. Since acrylic isn’t ideal for transferring heat, he attached tubes to the cover to hold soil.

The tubes would sit inside of the computer to absorb more of the generated heat.

After the frame and planters were finished, the started to rebuild the computer around the tubes.

He added the soil and wheatgrass…

…and finished it off by adding a plexiglass cover and attaching the monitor.

(via Total Geekdom)

What have you done with your computer today? Peruse Facebook? Watch cat videos, maybe? This planter is a reminder that technology can do so much more than just connect us to the Internet. You can follow Mike on Twitter and YouTube to keep up with his cool projects.