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This Man Put A Living Room Inside Of A Computer Tower And It’s Really Cool

Creative individuals often find interesting things to make with spare parts or supplies around the house. These spare parts can originate from excess pieces of a completed project, to bits of a machine that fell into disrepair. Regardless of their origins, these crafty people will find ways of using the materials to make something cool. If there’s anything the Internet taught us, it’s that people can get creative with useless things.

A Russian casemodder (someone creating cool modifications for computer cases or game consoles) found a way to use an old computer tower. Though the use is not all that useful, it is still incredibly cool.

Most computer towers look like this: functional, but kind of bland and boring. If you want your computer hardware to express your personality, you’ll need to do a little case modification.

A casemodder posted pictures online of an awesome modification done on the inside of a computer tower. The modder built a miniature living room among the wires and hardware.

It’s complete with all your necessities: a table, lamp, chair, and sofa. There’s even a little rug.

Once you get closer, you can see the detail the modder put into this project. I think my favorite details are the newspaper and the framed picture on the table.

This is not meant to have any kind of function. That’s a part of what makes these projects so great; they’re just pure fun and creativity.


I wonder if this casemodder could build a living room tiny enough to fit inside my laptop. Now that would be a tiny living room.