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When You Put Milk In Coca-Cola, Science Works Some Crazy Magic

Most people are aware that Coca-Cola is capable of doing some crazy stuff. And you can probably guess that the chemical makeups of milk and Coca-Cola are very different. But when you put them together, their components react in an epic way.

The popular soda is known to contain some…questionable ingredients that can rot your teeth and mess up your stomach. Watch those same acidic chemicals do something cool to milk in front of your eyes.

(via Maricv 84)

Want to know why this happens? The phosphoric acid molecules in Coke attach to the milk molecules, making them heavier. The milk molecules, plus the heavier ones in Coke, sink to the bottom, while the lighter molecules in the milk and soda float to the top.

Basically, the acid in Coke curdles milk so quickly, you can see it with the naked eye. If thats’ what Coke does to milk, imagine what it does to your body!