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Here's How You Can Give An Old, Unused Coffee Pot New Life…Literally

Do you have an old coffee pot laying around and a need for some green in your living space? Enid over at A Charming Project has a cute, upcycled DIY option for everyone, even those who may not have the greenest of thumbs.

Inspired by her grandmother’s love of coffee and plants, Enid shows us how to make an adorable open-air terrarium with white sand and hearty succulents. Succulents can thrive for lengthy periods of time, even in less-than-ideal conditions, making them perfect for both experienced gardeners and those without any experience at all. Check out the cute how-to below.

Starting with a simple setup, she filled the coffee pot with white sand, and acquired some mini air plants, moss, aquarium rocks, and gemstones .

She arranged the rocks and gemstones for a beachy look, and started to design the plant layout.

By placing the plants close to the walls of the pot, they can soak in maximum sun.

The finished product is adorable!

Really makes you think: What else can you upcycle into a terrarium?

(source A Charming Project)

This idea is so cute, I want to make one for myself. Now, I just need to find an old coffee pot at a thrift store. If you love this idea, too, follow Enid and her blog on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.