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Can You Spot What's Hiding In These 16 Famous Logos? I Had No Idea.

Interesting projects come together when advertisers pair up with designers. Whether their combined work is for a television commercial or an interesting flyer in a magazine, it’s often something worth talking about and a true showcase of their combined creativity.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that when dynamic duos come together to make some of today’s iconic logos, their talents shine in ways that amaze even years later. These logos are so clever that they hide some pretty cool secrets in plain sight.

1. Tostitos

Both of the “T”s are dipping a chip into the “I.” Clever!

2. The Bronx Zoo

Did you ever notice those skyscrapers in between their feet?

3. Spartan Golf Club

Notice how the arc of the swing forms the top of the Spartan helmet?

4. Roxy

The girls clothing line from Quiksilver consists of two Quiksilver logos rotated to form a heart.

5. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Logo

Do you see the gorilla on the left and the lioness on the right?

6. Mosleep

That “M” looks a lot like a bed.

7. Atlanta Falcons

The falcon here forms a perfect letter “F.”

8. Milwaukee Brewers

The classic logo looks like a baseball glove…but also uses the letters “M” and “B.”

9. London Symphony Orchestra

It looks like a conductor swirling in one fluid motion…

10. Hershey’s Kisses

Look between the “K” and the “I” in “Kisses.” Looks like another Hershey’s Kiss, right?

11. Hartford Whalers

The former team’s logo included the “H,” which can be spotted in grey between the green and blue, and the “W” formed in green at the bottom of the logo. Don’t forget about the blue tail, either!

12. Goodwill

Look at the “G” in the lower left hand corner. That’s a smile, too!

13. FedEx

See that arrow between the “E” and “X”? It’s meant to show that the company is forward thinking and on the move.

14. Eighty 20

This logo in binary equals 80 and 20, respectively

15. Eight

See it now?

16. Baskin Robbins

Focus on just the pink parts and nothing else. Does 31 flavors ring a bell?

(via Twister Sifter)

If you told me there was a way to combine any of these creative logos with their hidden messages, I’d respond with something like: “How much do you want to bet?” Now I know why they pay these designers the big bucks.