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These Homework-Hating Kids Are Far Too Clever For Their Own Good

There’s nothing funnier than a child seeing right through the ridiculousness of homework. When kids put their minds to their school assignments, they can come up with hilarious results. These answers are the kind that teachers can’t help but share with the world.

1. Someone clearly didn’t watch the Bears play this season.

2. I believe we have a budding artist on our hands.

3. At least the teacher has a sense of humor.

4. Why didn’t they ever help me?

5. Yes, yes they are.

6. Wait, how does it end?

7. Well, that’s ambitious.

8. Don’t tell me famous people aren’t role models.

9. He outed his Dad!

10. Classic.

11. A+ for cleverness.

12. That’s morbid.

13. BOOM, drop the mic.

14. Me too!

15. ‘Murica!

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