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Watch A Master Glass Blower Transform A Molten Blob Into Something Stunning

It’s easy to take glass for granted. It’s all around you, in windows, holding your drinking water and helping you see. But do you know what goes into making glass items? Quite a bit, and it’s fascinating to watch. We’ve rounded up some videos of people making some pretty amazing glass sculptures with this art form.

This video shows a master glass artisan creating a sculpture at what seems like lightning speed. The red-hot, molten glass is pulled and prodded until it takes the shape of a rearing horse. Even more impressive than handling a blob of molten glass that measures thousands of degrees in temperature? The fact that he can get it to stand on its own, perfectly balanced.

Needless to say, molten glass is incredibly hot. Even if it’s not glowing, the glass is still hundreds of degrees. It takes years of training to become this proficient, of course, and these horse statuettes are made by many glassblowers for tourists who come to watch the production.

Here’s an example of glass sculpting using colored glass. When it’s hot, the color can’t even be seen past the glow.

There’s a surprising amount of acrobatics that goes into glass making. The constant motion ensures that the glass keeps its symmetrical form

Finally, we have some glass workers who walk us through the glass blowing process to make a bowl, explaining the process that goes into the craft.

Glass workers study as apprentices for many years before they can become experts, and safety precautions are a must when dealing with a substance that can reach over 2,000 degrees. But considering the beautiful creations that can be made from glass, we’re glad these people have dedicated their lives to it.