Classic Superheroes Re imagined

Although it may seem like some of our favorite superheros have been around forever, they’ve actually only been around for less than a century. Can you imagine what these¬†superheroes would look like if they pre-dated modern society?

Photographer Sacha Goldberg decided to do just that by producing some photographs that show what our favorite superheroes and other characters would look like if they were around about 400 years ago.

Fair warning: you may not be able to look at some of your favorite superheros the same after seeing these pictures.

“Draw and I shall have you! By my bladed hand thou shall withdraw!”

“Thou would’st like my person the lesser upon my vexation.”

“Sirrah! Wherefore art thou so serious?”

“Swounds, Batman! Make haste!”

“Is it a wonder for a lady to act in a way so heroic? I think not, as I am a woman in whom wonders heroic most rightfully inhere.”

“Anon! Higher, higher, and gone!”

“The lack of faith which colors your disposition causes great agitation in my own.”

“Bleep’est bloop’est.”

One thing’s for sure, some of them definitely don’t look as powerful or menacing with all those frills!