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After Being Rescued From Unspeakable Cruelty, 2 Lion Brothers Had A Joyful Reunion

The animals used in circus acts, more often than not, are “trained” to do their routines through cruel and inhumane measures. Unlike the film and television industry where safe, humane conduct with animals is strictly enforced and monitored, many circuses use intimidation, physical abuse, and withholding of food and water to bully their animals into submission.

Luckily, awareness for the appalling conditions has risen over recent years, and organizations like Animal Defender’s International have been able to rescue animals like these adorable lion brothers from their lives of confinement.

Their names are Pancho and Temuco, and they couldn’t have been more excited to cuddle up with each other following their rescue.

The sweet reunion was almost thwarted when their circus tried to slip away unnoticed. Thankfully, the organization was able to stop them.

They are now living happy, healthy lives together and never have to worry about being apart again.

You can see all the heartwarming happiness in the clip below:

(via Beautiful Amazing World, Animal Defender’s International)

At their time of rescue, the pair was starving and severely dehydrated. Head over to the Animal Defender’s International website for more information on how you can help others like Pancho and Temuco who are still suffering in horrific circus conditions. You can also follow them on Facebook for regular animal updates.