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This Circus Artist Couple Takes The Best Pictures, No Matter Where They Are

Richard Hanks and Ashlee Montague are one of those couples who are always all over each other. It’s okay though, nothing to shield the kids’ eyes over. The dancers-turned-acrobats are circus artists who have a penchant for taking the perfect couples photo. When it’s time for the two to commemorate a moment, Ashlee simply pops onto Richard’s head and strikes a pose.

Yeah, it’s just that easy for them.

Richard and Ashlee

As the old saying goes, “the couple that makes a human tower together, stays together.”

I know people who make smiling seem more difficult.

Shopping must not take long at all when you can browse the entire store without having to walk around.

As if this wasn’t difficult enough, let’s get a bunch of wind involved.


The dog seems so unimpressed.

Hey! What’s she doing down there?

(via baconeyes)

I don’t know about you, but this is certainly one couple whose wedding photos I wouldn’t mind taking a look at. If you want to see more from everyone’s favorite circus couple (besides cotton candy and stomach aches), check out their website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. You won’t want to miss a single photo.