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Wait Til You See What You Can Create With An Old Cigar Box – It's Epic

Unless you’re a smoker or an avid collector, you may not be familiar with cigar boxes – aside from what you can divulge from their name.

Typically made from high-quality wood like eucalyptus, mahogany, and elm, they store and keep cigars fresh. Today they’re relatively rare, except for in specialty shops, thrift stores, and flea markets. But, if you do happen to come across one, you’ll want to snatch it up right away to make this incredibly cool DIY project. Believe it or not, you can create music with them after you make a few key alterations…

It all started as an old cigar box and some pieces of wood…

First, cut holes in the box.

Once the proper space is carved out, begin working on the complex electronics inside the cigar box.

It’s starting to look familiar, right?

Each of the pickups needs to be connected to the proper tone and volume knobs.

And it’s finally starting to look like a guitar!

After installing the bridge, you’ll need a neck.

For the neck and headstock, this guy used unfinished Fender Stratocaster parts.

And made some minor adjustments…

Including shaping the headstock and installing tuning pegs.

The neck was finished and it was time to put everything together.

Strings were added and now it’s time to rock out!

Check it out in action!

(source Instructables)

Honestly, why would you ever spend a whole bunch of money on a new guitar, when you can just build one yourself…out of a box, no less?!