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One Family Bought An Old Church, Then Proceeded To Transform It Into Epicness

With church attendance down across the globe, it’s no surprise that some houses of worship are closing down and being replaced with other, more in-demand services. The times are changing, but that doesn’t mean the architectural landscape of the neighborhood has to. There’s no denying that many of the closing churches are beautiful buildings, so why not keep their gorgeous exterior and change the interior to make it more modern? That’s what Zecc Architects did to St. Jakobus in Utrecht, Netherlands, and it looks incredible.

St. Jakobus – Utrecht, Netherlands

That doesn’t look like the inside of a church.

…or at least no church I’ve ever been in.

I guess that’s because I’ve never been inside of a church that was converted into a private residence by Zecc Architects.

What a cool idea!

Sure, it might be a little weird that this used to be a church, but look how cool it is.

Not many other private residences are going to give you space like that.

You just know it will be a great place to entertain guests on the weekend.

Plenty of natural light in that bedroom.

Something tells me that the art wasn’t leftover from the church’s original decor.

St. Jakobus, the church this home was converted from, served the people of its community for years, but closed its doors in 1991.

From 1991 to 1997, the building was a showroom for antique furniture.

So the change from church to home isn’t quite as drastic as you might think it would be.

Still, this is a change that could take some getting used to.

(via Yatzer)

What incredible renovation work! That places looks so cool. If the fact that it used to be a church didn’t creep me out so much, I think it would be my dream home. You know what? I can probably get over that. For this place, at least.