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You Should Just Give Up: Your Cats Will Always Win At Christmas Time

If you have a cat and you put up a Christmas tree up in your home, you understand the real fear that your cat will knock the whole thing over and your house will catch fire. It seems like there’s no way around the constant need to sweep up shattered glass ornaments that once hung low from the tree; your water spray bottle is always near empty from spritzing your cat for getting too close to the evergreen.

But, if you try some of these tree alternatives below, maybe – just maybe – you can win.

Think outside the (tree) box.

No cat, no matter how brave they are, will climb a cactus.

Don’t want a giant cactus in your living room?

Have you tried screwing your tree into your ceiling?

That’ll be sure to throw him off.

But unfortunately not enough to totally disinterest him.

Or maybe instead of putting your cat in the cage…

Put the TREE in the cage.

Use what you’ve got lying around the house…make a tree on your chandelier.

Hey, Sia, I just thought of a really great holiday opportunity for you.

You could also just give up…

Or, to maintain your dignity, you could call it a draw.

THIS would be giving up.

But face it, you’ll never win Christmas in a war against your cat.

Christmas trees are their arch-enemies.

It’s like their little bones start tingling, “infiltrate and destroy.”

*Nom nom* I eat holiday cheer for breakfast.

“Those shiny, glittery, flammable things covered in glass will be mine.”

Sadly, you probably won’t be able to truly cat-proof your tree. They’re just too sneaky to be outdone. Honestly, they’d most likely be able to find a way to ruin that chandelier tree, too. Can’t hurt to try though, right?

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