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Christina Aguilera Completely WOWS An Audience With These Musical Impressions

Since his SNL days, Jimmy Fallon has been known for his fantastic impressions of other musicians. (His Neil Young impression goes unrivaled.) So when the host of The Tonight Show challenged Christina Aguilera to a game of musical impressions, you would probably have expected him to gain the upper hand. As it turns out, Miss Aguilera is pretty damn fantastic at impressions herself.

After a great start, when she did a rendition of Cher singing the Folgers Coffee theme song, Aguilera brought down the house when she performed “This Little Piggy” as fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears. She seriously does a better Britney than, well, Britney.

(source The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

All three of those impressions of hers are fantastic. Now I just want to see Britney’s impression of Christina. That would certainly make my day.