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If You're Not The Best At Chopping Wood, You'll Want To See This Cool Hack

Chopping wood can be a pretty difficult and annoying task. It takes a balance of careful precision and brute strength. I, for one, have definitely had some not-so-stellar experiences chopping wood. Sure, you feel pretty tough hold the ax in your hand, but then as you lift it up over your head, there’s that little voice that suddenly pops in your head: I have no idea what I’m doing.

Knowing how to chop wood is a valuable skill, and one that those of us less experienced wood-choppers should be willing to take notes on. In this video, a man demonstrates an awesome wood-chopping hack that will definitely sharpen your skills.

(source Youtube)

Ideas like this are so great because they’re so simple, yet so genius! I think I’ll definitely be using this hack the next time I’m chopping wood.