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She Tried To Interview This Killer On Live TV And What Happened Is Beyond Insane

When Renee Brack was a young television reporter in Australia, one of her first assignments was to interview the infamous Mark “Chopper” Read. Brack managed to track Read to an island hideout off the coast in the late ’90s. It was on the island where Brack and her crew interviewed Read. Read was already quite infamous for his unique brand of brutal violence. News stations from around the world picked up the interview after it aired in Australia. However, one part of the interview was never broadcast. This particularly nasty section saw Read forcing Brack to play Russian roulette with a loaded gun against her will.

As a young man, Read made a name for himself in Australia’s criminal underground robbing drug dealers. Later, Read began kidnapping and torturing fellow criminals for money. His preferred torture tools were a blowtorch and a pair of bolt cutters.

Read only spent a combined 13 months outside of prison between the ages of 20 and 38. During the ’70s, he led a vicious gang war in Australia’s Pentridge Prison. There is also a legend that Read once cut off both of his ears in order to be transferred from prison to a mental health facility. Read was released in 1998 from prison for the last time.

Read published a number books and autobiographies throughout the ’90s until his death from liver cancer in 2013. In the 2000s, Read appeared in several commercials on Australian television, released a rap album, and even starred in a one-man show about his life.

Despite Read appearing to lead a celebrity life after his release, he was not a stable individual. The interview below with Renee Brack is proof of that. For no apparent, reason Read forces her into a deadly game of Russian roulette. It’s terrifying.

Read contracted hepatitis C while he was in prison, and later developed liver cancer. Despite knowing that a liver transplant would save his life, Read rejected the procedure. At the time, he said that he did not want a new liver when it could go to save someone else’s life.

Read was admitted to Melbourne Private Hospital in September 2013 because of his failing health. On October 9, 2013, the 58-year-old Read lost his battle with cancer.