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Summer Is Great, Unless You're In China, Then You Have To Face This Awfulness

I know it might not feel like it yet, but beach season is right around the corner. The glorious sun, the sand, the wind…they’re all certainly great parts of a lovely summer day.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal with the litter bugs who can’t be bothered to pick up after themselves. They are by far the worst human beings on the beach. However, if you thought there’s a litter problem at your local beach, just wait until you see the litter problem on the beaches in China. It’s beyond disgusting.

Following last summer’s Dragon Boast Festival, visitors to Dameisha Beach Park were greeted by the sight (and smell) of 362 tons of garbage left by about 480,000 tourists during the three-day festival. They discovered more of a landfill than a beach.

That’s a lot of garbage.

Still, most of these beach goers seem to be making the best of it.

Most of the garbage you see in these photos are abandoned sun mats that people were too lazy to take with them.

Watch your step!

The beach cleanup took weeks.

Grabbing a quick beach nap.

The smelly, disgusting aftermath.

I wonder how much of that garbage washed out to sea before they finished the cleanup.

(via Reddit, The Daily Mail)

This summer, when you’re angrily complaining about beach litter bugs, remember to keep things in perspective. At least you’re not dealing with the mounds of garbage left at Dameisha Beach Park in China.