Check Out These Incredible Sculptures Made From An Everyday Ordinary Item

When it comes to making exquisite pieces of art, who said you could only use expensive items? Art is an expression of your own individual creativity and that’s the challenge: just how creative can you really be?

Artist Augusto Esquivel makes some pretty incredible sculptures using one of the most common items around: buttons. There’s no sewing or stitching involved. Esquivel hangs the buttons using thread and creates stunning 3D sculptures.

His sculptures aren’t just pretty to look at: they explore appearance and expectation versus reality. This is achieved by using the strings of buttons to create the illusion of solid, substantial objects when in reality, they’re just a fragile arrangement of numerous individual parts.

A Little Piece of Eden

<i>Little Eden</i>

Carnival Carousel Horse

<i>Carousel Horse</i>

The String’s of a Bass

<i>String Bass</i>

A Colorful Bunch of Balloons


Just look at the balloons up close

A detail of Balloons

On their own, a pile of buttons may seem like nothing of interest but when they come together like this, they each play a vital role in creating the finished product. As Esquival explains on his site “like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and shapes the whole”.

A Piano

<i>Upright Piano</i>

The Head of a Unicorn

<i>Mounted Unicorn</i>

A Collection of Various Pieces

Various pieces

One of his more abstract works

A more abstract piece

Audrey Hepburn

When arranged in a curtain-like hanging, the buttons make stunning and realistic portraits!
<i>Audrey Hepburn</i>