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Cheap IKEA Furniture Can Be Completely Transformed With A Few Simple Hacks

Interior designers feel the same way about IKEA furniture as five-star chefs feel about McDonalds’ hamburgers. It’s cheap, unrefined, and simply boring. But before you write off IKEA decor as furniture solely fit for college dorm rooms, check out these 20 amazing ways to upgrade IKEA products yourself. In no time, you’ll be itching for a LACK table and a BILLY bookcase. Keep reading to get inspired.

1. A file holder becomes a cute floating bedside shelf.

Just add a coat of stain and nail it to the wall.

2. Add a coat of paint and gold trunk hardware to make a plain coffee table stand out.

Make sure to use a paint that doesn’t require you to sand the table before application. Get more details here.

3. This wall-mounted wine holder makes a perfect indoor herb garden.

Find out how to make it here.

4. Turn an end table into an adorable bar cart.

The directions for this project are in Hungarian, but the pictures make it pretty self-explanatory.

5. Turn plain boxes into designer inspired storage.

This DIY design is based on a Kate Spade product, but costs quite a bit less.

6. A spice rack provides easy access to baby clothes.

Put a few toys on top and it’s an adorable display shelf, as well.

7. Make a cheap shelf look like it’s made of reclaimed wood.

Add a rustic vibe to your home with this easy DIY project.

8. Illuminate a room by lining the inside of a hanging lamp with metal leaf.

See how it’s done here.

9. A rope gives this inexpensive mirror a nautical look.

Just grab a few extra supplies from the hardware store to make this.

10. Cover a boring kitchen table in marble contact paper.

This cheap hack couldn’t be easier.

11. Use an old belt to hang an inexpensive clock.

Just use a little glue to keep the belt in place.

12. Turn bookcases into mudroom cubbies.

Your kids will love having their own space with this hack.

13. A shoe cabinet becomes a faux library card catalog with a few simple touches.

Give your entryway a vintage vibe with this project.

14. Add leather pulls to a plain dresser for a simple but sleek design.

This hack is so simple, anyone can do it.

15. A coat of stain and gold pulls turn a simple file drawer into an eye-catching piece.

Get the step-by-step here.

16. Add crown molding to a bookcase for a seamless, classy look.

Crown molding makes everything look more expensive.

17. Stay organized with these stylish cork boards made from IKEA frames.

This tutorial uses paint to achieve the geometric design, but you could easily use Washi tape.

18. This neat DIY cloud light is perfect for kids’ rooms.

All you need are cotton balls and some craft glue.

19. Use chalkboard paint to make a coffee table customizable.

This hack is great for kids, but adults will love drawing on it, too.

20. Make a combination cat bed and scratching post with a hollow side table.

Get the product information and how-to here.

Now that I’ve found these projects, I’m definitely making a trip to IKEA ASAP. I can’t wait to epically upgrade my apartment with some DIY furniture. Which hack will you try first?