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What This Artist Builds Every Day Is Impossibly Tiny…And Just Too Cute

Starting this past summer, artist Charles Young decided to create a new building each day as he formed his own personal miniature city of Paperholm. Paperholm is a tiny city made entirely of—you guessed it—paper. Its landmarks range from realistic, practical buildings for work and living to some fantastical mechanicals and, of course, houses with chicken legs. Because Baba Yaga needs a place to live, too.

(via Colossal)

The buildings are constructed out of stiff, heavy-duty, white paper, and their featurelessness and colorlessness allow for the city to take on a variety of personalities; from a modern city all full of machinery and defenses to a fairytale village full of magic, the characteristics of Paperholm are up to you.

Some of them even feature moving parts, as seen in the .gif images below.

Young, who graduated with a master’s from the Edinburgh College of Art, has been at this project for roughly the past three months, and has been steadfast in his dedication to building one new paper feature per day. (A look at his archived photos attests to this.) You can keep up with the expansion of Paperholm on Tumblr.