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These 20 Hilarious Pre-Pounce Kitty Butt Wiggles Will Make You Laugh All Day

There are countless adorable things about our cat buddies – but owners know that one of the best things to witness is that special moment right before their “fierce” feline pounces on its prey: the butt wiggle.

Whether they’re going after a toy, a laser pointer dot, or something random laying around that they decide must be destroyed, the shimmy as they size up their foe is just too stinking cute.

1. Nothing can break this focus.

2. Getting all revved up.

3. “Hey, who are you calling tiny?”

4. “…How long have you been there?”

5. “I’ve got you now, Mr. Jingle Fish.”

6. This is some impressive upside-down wiggle action.

7. “I’m gonna getcha!”

8. The face of laser pointer madness.

9. Hover mode activating and…ATTACK.

10. Should have listened when she told you to stop taking her picture.

11. Subtle, fuzzy…and fierce.

12. “No, I’m not scared…just stay over there, please.”

13. Beautiful, but deadly.

14. “Stop calling me cute! I’m ferocious!”

15. No rest until every monster is vanquished.

16. That modem is going down.

17. No need for a lawn mower with this kitty around.

18. “You’re going down, bright red devil dot.”

19. “You wanna start something with me?”


I could watch those wiggles all day, they never get old! No wonder we love taunting them so much.


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