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This Heroic Cat Did Something Incredible When It Saw A Toddler In Danger

This little kitty lives a hero’s life in a lovely Russian home. If her humans didn’t have her around, their child could end up in serious danger.

The heroic cat showed her maternal instincts when she noticed the toddler playing with the buttons and dials on an oven. The kitten immediately took action to prevent the baby boy from hurting himself. At first, she simply tries to get his attention; when that didn’t work, she stands up on her hind legs and pushes her tiny human’s hands away from the potentially dangerous kitchen appliance.

(source Funny Babies & Cute Pets)

The little boy was never in any serious danger, as the oven was turned off and adults stood nearby. Regardless, kitty here didn’t know that, and she earns my “hero of the day” badge for her daring feat. Way to go, kitty!

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