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10 Awesome Cat Ladies That Took Their Obsession With Kitties To The Next Level

December 15, 2010 marked the first official Cat Herding Day. The holiday commemorates anyone who feels, whether literally or figuratively, that they are dealing with an impossible task. You know, much like actually attempting to herd a group of cats might be.

But even though cats are known for their stubborn side, they also know when to turn the charm on and steal your heart. As these cat ladies (and men) can attest, there’s nothing crazy about a little feline affection.

1. Drop the kibble and no one will get hurt, lady.

2. A proud cat lady spotted out in the wild.

3. I don’t envy this dog’s life.

4. Best. Friends. Forever.

5. Even the cat thinks this is taking things a little far.

6. And you thought seeing a cat on a leash was weird.

7. Men are just as susceptible to their cuddly charms.

8. This bed is probably fancier than the human’s.

9. You’re never too young to start cat lady training.

And then there’s the most advanced cat lady of all… This woman in Siberia who lives with 130 stray cats.

So today, try to keep in mind that whether you’re herding your own cats or something else just as difficult, we can all breathe easier knowing we aren’t dealing with anything as overwhelming as this woman’s actual herd of cats.