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Baking Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This Incredible Cake In A Can

Every time I make a cake, I realize I’ve forgotten at least one vital ingredient after I’m three steps into the process. I tend to stick to whatever my bakery has available when a cake-worthy event comes up, but this product will change everything.

Called “Cake in a Can,” this isn’t just novelty kitchen decor (although the can is super cute). It’s something completely life-changing.

All you need for your own single-serving slice of cake: water, an oven, and 15 minutes.

Mixing and baking in the can means no more messy powder gunking up your counter.

Flavors include classics like chocolate, and tons of seasonal treats.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter are just a few of the incredible varieties available.

In fact, the makers boast on their website that if you don’t see it, just give ’em a call and they’ll whip up something just for you.

They even have weddings covered!

(via Design Taxi.)

Be sure to visit The Food Ministry website to see all the options available. Prices start at around $7.00 a can, and can be purchased online. I think I’ll have one of each, please.

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