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During This Winter Weather, You Might Find One Of These 18 Things Buried In Snow

It’s that time of year again. (No, it’s not the holiday season anymore.) It’s now time to bear the brunt of the worst season of all: the dead of winter. There is no festive joy during this time of year. There are no presents to receive. You just experience the dead harshness of freezing cold temperatures and the wind. In case you forgot just how terrible snow is, these photos should remind you that things can get absolutely buried this season.

1. Dogs

2. Parking lots

3. Doors

4. Dog families

5. Houses

6. Neighborhoods

7. Squirrels

8. Cars

9. Moose

10. Penguins

11. Houses

12. Rams

13. Traffic

14. Cats

15. Squirrels

16. Cars

17. Houses

18. Beer

If you were hoping to live in a winter wonderland this season, remember these pictures. Snow is fun when you’re inside, but you probably don’t get off from school anymore. You have to go to work in this stuff, and that is definitely no good.