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A Puppy Was Left For Dead By Cruel Owners, But Her Story Will Leave You In Tears Of Joy

At just 15-months-old, this adorable bulldog pup was abandoned on the streets of Miami because her cruel owners decided they didn’t want to “deal with a sick dog.” Her illness? She had a skin condition called demodex mange that’s fairly common in young dogs (and is totally treatable).

But, instead of getting her care, they brought her back to the puppy mill they purchased her from where her condition was ignored and her wounds worsened.

She was unconscious and barely hanging on to life when she was discovered by her rescuer.

She was quickly taken to the Adopt-A-Bull Rescue facility in Coral Springs, Florida.

When they brought her in, she weighed a meager 18 pounds and could barely keep her eyes open.

They gave her a name she deserved, Princess, as she quickly began to regain strength.

After just a few days in the shelter, she was well enough to be welcomed into a foster home where she was happy to bond with her new bestie, Cliffy.

She was all smiles in her new loving environment, and her hair even began to grow back.

Now, she’s practically unrecognizable as the same sad pup they found on the streets.

(source Little Things)

This pretty girl is proof that a little love can go a long way. Shelters like Adopt-A-Bull need all the help they can get, so be sure to check out their website and your local shelters to see how you can make a difference for adorable pups like Princess.