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This Precious Family Of Puppies Was Abandoned In A Box On The Side Of A Road

People can find a lot of strange things on the side of the road, but what one woman found while driving in Missouri made our hearts ache. Huddled inside a small, taped-shut box, in sub-freezing temperatures, were four tiny puppies and their mother.

The precious family had been abandoned and left without much hope for survival inside the four foot long, one foot deep, thinly walled cardboard box. At just a few weeks old, the pups might not have made it much longer if someone hadn’t happened upon them.

The woman who discovered them alerted Midwest Animal ResQ, who then brought them in for a much-needed veterinary visit. There, they received care for a skin infection, mites, and a second chance at life.

(via Fox4KC)

Anyone able to treat these cuties with such cruelty definitely deserves whatever karma has coming to them.