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Turn Any Glass Bottle Into An Awesome Lamp In A Few Simple Steps

Most people recycle glass bottles once they’ve consumed the beverage inside, but next time you head for the recycling bin, why not upcycle it instead? Using an LED light and some paper coasters, you can make a gorgeous light source, no electrical or glass cutting skills required. Check out the tutorial below and watch the video to see these works of art in action.

Start out with an empty bottle, cardboard coasters, an LED light and a cutting implement.

Trace a circle around the LED light.

Then, cut circles out of the middle of the coasters. This is where the LED light will go.

You’ll need about eight of these.

In one final coaster, cut a smaller hole to cover the colored part of the light, giving it a clean look.

Glue the coasters together and put the light on the inside of the coasters.

Glue the top coaster on once you’re finished.

Set your bottle on top of the coaster and you’re finished!

Here it is all lit up.

To see a version with an LED switch light instead of a push-button light, watch the video below.

(source Instructables, YouTube)

I’m definitely going to try this at home with an old wine bottle. Now you can save up your old bottles and turn them into incredible lights!