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This Might Look Like A Regular Old Book, But It Has An Epic Secret

When you see someone holding a book in their arms, how do you know that it’s actually a book? Sure, you had little reason to doubt that it is, in fact, a book…until now. With Bookniture, you’ll never know if someone is carrying their new favorite novel or a table/stool/ottoman to wherever they please. That’s right. We now have book furniture. We might not have hovercars, but you have to admit this is pretty cool.

What are you reading?

Oh, Bookniture, eh? How are you liking it?

That much?

Well, I can see why.

It certainly seems like The Great American Portable Piece of Furniture.

Check out Bookniture in action.

(via DesignTaxi)

What a great idea. If you’d like to fund the Bookniture Kickstarter and help make this great product a reality, head over to their funding page.