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You Never Knew These Things About The Famous James Bond Franchise Until Now

The James Bond cinematic franchise has been around for over 50 years now and there are still some very surprising things that we can learn about the world’s most famous spy. We all know that he prefers his martinis shaken not stirred, but I’m sure that not many people know about these very obscure facts about James Bond and the actors who have portrayed him.

1. The Aston Martin factory only uses one robot to apply adhesives to bond aluminum body panels together, and it’s nicknamed “James Bonder.”

2. James Bond has been shot at 4,662 times during his career.

3. Barbara Broccoli has been a producer of the Bond films for over 30 years, she plays a major role in the casting of Bond, who the Bond girl will be, and which stories will be played out in the films.

4. The existence of MI6, the agency with which James Bond works for in the movies, wasn’t officially acknowledged by the British government until 1994.

5. Liam Neeson was offered the role of Bond but turned it down because he wasn’t interested in doing action movies.

6. Sean Connery wore a toupee in all of his appearances as James Bond as he started balding at the age of 21.

7. James Bond has killed 352 people in 22 films and Pierce Brosnan was the deadliest Bond. He killed 47 people in GoldenEye.

8. For his time as James Bond, Daniel Craig has the privilege of taking any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest of his life.

9. Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds were both offered the role of James Bond but turned the role down because they believed he should be played by a British actor.

10. While under contract to play James Bond, Pierce Brosnan wasn’t allowed to wear a tuxedo in any non-Bond film.

11. President John F. Kennedy was a huge James Bond fan. He viewed an early print of “From Russia with Love” at the White House.

12. Sean Connery was taking a martial arts lesson for a Bond film when he angered his instructor. The instructor then broke his wrist. Who was that instructor? Steven Seagal.

Don’t ask me how I got all of this insider information on the world’s most adept spy. I’ve got my ways…don’t you worry about it.