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A Street Artist Adds To Rome's Beauty With A Rainbow Of Fantastical Faces

Rome is a beautiful city on its own, full of history and art spanning thousands of years. But being steeped in history doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the modern, and that’s why the city is proud to have an enormous piece that spans two entire sides of a building. Italian street artist Blu used the 48 windows of the building, as well as the corner feature, to create the eyes and mouths in a colorful mural of 27 fantastical faces.

The building before… (You can see the beginnings of the faces’ outlines.)

…and after

Blu in progress of painting the mural.

Each face is unique, having its own personal quirks and characteristics.

Some of the windows form eyes, while others form mouths. Blu took the shape and size of the windows into consideration and formed the faces around them.

A complete panorama of the building. The three-eyed white face in the middle is, in reality, the corner of the building. The two sides are at right angles to one another.

The large scale mural brings color to an otherwise nondescript building, and while it may not be a permanent fixture in the Eternal City, it reflects Rome’s long history of large-scale public art. You can see more of it on Blue’s Facebook page, as well as on his blog. If you’d like a virtual your, you can even see it on Google Maps.

Via Colossal