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These Lamps Aren’t Just Beautiful, They Can Do Something That’ll Leave You In Awe

Displaying both their artistic sensibilities and technical savvy, the artists at Studio Drift have created an incredible new art installation that combines natural and technological beauty.

The installation, called Shylight, mimics the natural movement of flowers reacting to light and the absence of it. It consists of a series of lamps made of silk that descend from the ceiling and perform their mesmerizing dance for the viewer. Check out the beautiful works of art below.

These are the beautiful lamps that make up Shylight.

Layers of silk, multiple springs, and levers produce the movements that flowers make as they open and close their petals.

The artists wanted to capture the flow of natural objects in an unnatural setting, giving the viewers an experience they don’t often have.

As the lamps descend and ascend, their hypnotic dance mesmerizes viewers.

The different stages are incredible to see.

Here’s the beauty of these lamps on full display.

Check out a video about the project below.

(via Bored Panda)

I could stare at these all day long – they’re so incredible to watch! It really is mesmerizing how natural their movements look, considering that they’re totally mechanically operated. Art like this truly is inspiring.