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A Blind Bait Dog Gets The Life-Saving Surgery She So Badly Needed

The story of Sienna Rose, a blind bait dog, is both tragic and uplifting. Her mutilated face was the result of being used to test other dogs’ fighting instincts. It is nearly impossible to look at and entirely impossible to forget. The fact that anyone could do such a thing to another living being is beyond heartbreaking and totally indefensible. Though, just when you think your faith in humanity is entirely lost, animal organization Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs stepped in and raised enough money to give Sienna Rose the surgery she so desperately needed.

WARNING: the before photos are extremely graphic. Don’t worry, though. There’s a happy ending.

How could anyone let that happen to a dog?

Horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. Nothing deserves this sort of treatment. Nothing.

See Sienna Rose post-surgery in the video below.

(via Life With Dogs)

What a story. Here’s hoping Sienna Rose gets all the happiness she deserves and then some. Her new caretakers can never undo what happened to this poor pup, but they can make the rest of her days as pleasant as can be. You can find more updates on Sienna Rose and other dogs by following the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs Facebook page.