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This Teen Found Something Surprisingly Morbid In His New Thrift Store Teddy Bear

One family in Alabama is trying to solve a strange, morbid mystery this holiday season.

Joshua Scott bought a stuffed teddy bear for $5 for his sisters at the Second Chance Thrift Shop on Reeves Street in the town of Dothan. He planned to give the bear to them for Christmas. However, when he was holding the bear, he felt something strange inside.

That’s when he unzipped the back, and found something shocking: a sealed funeral urn with someone’s ashes inside.

Now, Scott and his mom Samantha are on the hunt for the original owners of the bear so they can return the ashes.

So far, the duo has visited several funeral homes in the area, but has not been able to track down the owners.

Sadly, the thrift store has not been able to help the Scotts find the bear’s donor. They said they receive up 10 carloads of donations everyday, and don’t typically keep written records of who donates what.


H/T: Fox Carolina

This has all the makings of a classic mystery. Who would donate a teddy bear stuffed full of their loved one’s ashes? (The answer to that is “Someone who is trying to get rid of a ghost.”) At least the hidden urn was discovered sooner rather than later. I have a feeling that Joshua’s sisters wouldn’t have appreciated an itty bitty urn full of cremated remains.