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This Guy Combined Bikes And Taxidermy To Create Something Strange But Cool

There are as many passions and hobbies in the world as there are people that have them. Some people build model airplanes or cars, some collect stamps or rare books, and some use their free time for intellectual pursuits or physical exercise. It’s important to find a hobby – something to really lose yourself in, something that takes your mind off of the day-to-day grind.

What’s really impressive is when people make their hobbies into a big passion project. Sometimes the results of these combinations can be pretty cool. And sometimes the results can be pretty weird.

People love riding bikes. It’s a great way to exercise, and if you get really into it, customizing your bike with cool parts can add a new level to the hobby. One guy decided to combine his love of bikes with…


…taxidermy! That’s right. This is one of those times when combining passions produces some rather unique results.

Taxidermy is, of course, normally done with deceased animals. This bike taxidermy (apparently a thing), or “bike-idermy,” as I like to call it, uses bike parts to mimic the look of animals in taxidermy poses – a much more humane alternative.

The weird thing is, once you get past the initial weirdness, it’s actually pretty cool.

This obviously took some creative thought and skill (who would think “I should combine bikes and taxidermy” and actually go through with it if they didn’t know they could do it). The variety of shapes and poses that the bike parts can be put into is pretty impressive.

I imagine there is a pretty limited market for bike taxidermy, but there’s definitely something appealing about using old bike parts to create something artistic.

(via Reddit)

Next time you think that your hobbies or passion projects aren’t going anywhere, just do what this guy did and combine them. Who knows? You might end with something as quirky and cool as these.