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One Guy Has Filmed Himself Doing Something SO Weird 28 Times In A Row

YouTube can be a very strange place. On this one website, you can find raw security camera footage, music videos, comedy sketches, tutorials, and more. It provides endless entertainment of just about every variety. It also be the home of some really bizarre art projects that are amazing but just make you want to ask “Why?”

For example: Why did Benjamin Bennett decide to record videos of himself merely sitting and smiling at the camera for four hours at a time? It is a mystery we may never solve. We do know that he recently filmed the 28th version of this odd ritual and we presume he will continue to perform it until he runs out of outfits.

Here is an example of one his works. Keep in mind this particular one has over almost 150,000 views. So how far you can get.

The strangest thing about this entire project? It may be the consistency of the act juxtaposed with his seemingly endless wardrobe. As the Viralnova office can attest, this guy has me beat by about 24 in terms of different outfits.

If you have a lot of free time, check out his YouTube page or website to view al 28 videos. He appears to be doing this daily. Oh, the things we could be doing if jobs and Netflix weren’t a thing.