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This Is What It Looks Like To Have Your Belly Button Removed…It’s As Creepy As You Think

Last week, a Reddit user posted a pretty shocking picture that a friend sent him after her surgery. However, this was no ordinary surgery. Oh no. This was surgical body modification.

She underwent a navel null, short for navel nullification, procedure. This particular surgery removes your entire belly button. The best part is that you can keep your belly button after the surgery if you want, which is shown in the pictures below.

WARNING. These images are decidedly NSFW.

There it is. The removed belly button in all its glory.

The procedure leaves just a small scar.

After a few weeks of healing, this is what the belly button looks like. Freaky, right?

(via: Reddit)

The artist behind this bit of extreme body modification is John Smith. Smith runs a traveling body modification business called Luna Cobra. For more extreme body modifications make sure to follow Smith and his company on Instagram.