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These 15 Strange Lakes And Rivers From Around The World Are Shockingly Pretty

If you travel around the world, you’ll find rivers and lakes with colors once thought to only be in dreams. From pink rivers to red lakes, these bodies of water gained their color through a variety of means. Some are colored differently because of pollution. Some just naturally have a distinct color. Either way, you truly have to see these bodies of water for yourself.

1. Betsiboka River, Madagascar, 2005

2. The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

3. Travertine Pools, Pamukkale, Turkey

4. Huanghe River, Lanzhou, China, October 2006

5. Uvac River flowing through Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

6. Odeleite, Portugal, also known as the Blue Dragon River

7. Pumpkin Spring, Grand Canyon

8. Xinmeizhou Village, Zheijang Province, China, July 25, 2014

9. Rivers full with volcanic ash in Iceland

10. Daqubang and Baiyang rivers in China

11. Green Crater Lake at the Irazú volcano, Costa Rica

12. Mount Kelimutu, Kelimutu National Park, Flores, Indonesia

13. Caño Cristales River, also known as “The River of Five Colors,” Colombia

14. Lake Retba, Senegal