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Man Saves A Beached Great White Shark By Dragging It Back Into The Ocean

I can’t say that I ever want to get near a great white shark, but that’s because I’m not Shane Cox.

Shane was fishing for gummy sharks, a local delicacy, on Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, Australia. He suddenly (and accidentally) hooked a small great white shark instead. He wasn’t really in the mood for great white shark burgers, so Shane immediately cut the line, setting the young shark free.

However, Shane later noticed that the shark became beached a little further up the shore. To help the poor creature, he ran over and dragged it back into the ocean. This time, he made sure the shark could swim away. The video below captures this incredible rescue.

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(source JukinVideo)

With the way that shark keeps beaching itself over and over again, it almost looks like it wants to die…or it’s trying to evolve. Regardless, Shane was truly brave by trying to get it back into the water. Way to go, Shane!