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I Thought This Was Just A Banana, Til I Looked Closer…This Is Crazy

When you look at your fruit bowl, it might remind you of various still life paintings you’ve seen in museums. Or, it might just make you think, “I don’t eat enough fruit.” Either way, it probably doesn’t inspire you to start carving up oranges and apples to make little pieces of art. That is, unless you’re Stephan Brusche.

Brusche’s food art serves as a victory cry for countless children who refused to listen to their moms when they were told to stop playing with their food. Using bananas as his canvas, the Dutch artist creates unique pieces of art. We’re curious though, how often does he get fed up with a piece and just eat it instead of finishing it?

(via Bored Panda)

Is it just me or are you craving a banana split, too?

If you enjoyed this sampling of Brusche’s work, be sure to check out his Facebook, Instagram, and official website.