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A Recent Non-Profit Study Named The 10 Worst Charities To Donate To In America

The holidays are coming up quickly, and they’re bringing the spirit of giving with them. Aside from giving presents to loved ones and friends, generous people often donate to charities around this time of the year. The holiday season is also one of the more profitable times of the year for most non-profits. However, you should be careful where you give your money. A recent report by the Tampa Bay Times shows exactly how much of your donated money goes to help the intended cause, and calls out the most wasteful non-profits in America.

1. Committee For Missing Children

The Committee for Missing Children raised $27 million in donations over the past decade. They moved nearly $24 million of that to fundraising companies instead of helping kids.

2. Children’s Wish Foundation International

Children’s Wish reportedly spent around $600,000 granting wishes to terminally ill children in 2010 and gave them donated goods valued at $3 million. The organization paid professional fundraisers nearly $6 million for their services the same year.

3. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation

This was one of the nation’s most wasteful charities for the past decade, according to IRS records. Throughout the decade, it raised nearly $64 million through professional fundraisers, while allowing companies to keep 70% of donations. Just more than 2% of donations raised were given directly to hospitals or to women in need of breast cancer screenings.

4. National Veterans Services Fund

Many feel as if our veterans don’t get the benefits they deserve after serving our country. In 2011, this charity raised about $9 million, and solicitors kept nearly 82% of the total amount raised.

5. Children’s Cancer Fund Of America

The Cancer Fund and its associated charities (including Children’s Cancer Fund) raised $110 million in the past three years. The charities’ solicitors were paid more than $75 million. Since it formed, Children’s Cancer Fund raised nearly $38 million and let professional fundraisers keep nearly 78% of the money.

6. International Union Of Police Associations

Of the $57 million in donations to this organization over the past decade, more than 72 cents of every dollar went to professional solicitors. Less than half of one percent (about $28,000 a year) was spent on survivor benefits.

7. Firefighters Charitable Foundation

From 2002 to 2011, this organization raised $64 million in donations and paid $55 million of that to its solicitors. The charity spent less than 10 cents of every dollar raised on direct financial help to those in need.

8. American Association of State Troopers

This organization raised about $45 million and spent less than $4 million on member benefits since 2004. The police officers represented by the charity get only around 16 percent of the money raised. Over the past eight years, the average percentage of funds spent on direct aid to members was much lower, at only around 9 percent.

9. Cancer Fund of America

Year after year, CFA raises millions and sends 82 percent to its for-profit fundraisers. Fundraisers collected $98 million in donations over the past decade. Patients received less than $1 million in direct cash aid over those 10 years, according to IRS records.

10. Kid’s Wish Network

Kids Wish Network raises millions of dollars in donations every year, all in the name of dying children and their families. Each year, it squanders almost every penny. Sick children wind up with less than 3 cents of every dollar raised.

This year, when you plan to donate to a charity, do your research and make sure that the your chosen charity wisely spends their money. Yes, administrative and fundraising costs will always be present, but the cause is what’s most important. Focus on who you end up helping.