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This Baby And Sloth Became Best Friends And They're Absolutely Adorable

Family pets are awesome pals for kids and adults. Most of us grow up with pets like cats or dogs, or maybe even a lizard. But how cool would it be to have a sloth as the family pet?

The Heckathorns are a family passionate about wildlife and animals, so you can imagine they have some pretty awesome creatures around the house. They adopted a sloth named Daisy around the time of their daughter Alia’s birth. The two went on to become the best (and cutest) friends.

Daisy the sloth and Alia are best friends, and have been since Alia was born.

Alia’s parents decided to adopt a sloth. Daisy the sloth arrived at their door two days after Alia was born.

Parents Julia and Jason Heckathorn are grateful that these two are going to get to grow up together and get along so well.

The two of them really do love hanging out, and do tons of activities together. Here they are playing with toys.

Of course, what do both babies and sloths like to do? Nap! These two love taking naps together and it’s really so adorable.

Three’s company: Daisy the sloth, baby Alia, and her mother Julia sitting beneath the shade of a tree.

Alia’s mother and father are both animal enthusiasts and conservationists who adopt and take care of many animals. Julia actually writes books for children meant to be both fun and educational. Here she is reading to Alia and Daisy.


Sloths are not normal pets, so please don’t go out in search of your own. They’re wild animals with unique habits and diets. So, for now, just sit back and enjoy these baby best friends, because, d’awww.